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The Green Wedge  is fundamental to our Shire’s identity. It is our responsibility to protect it for ourselves and future generations. This website is sponsored by the Warrandyte Community Association, the Friends of Nillumbik and the Green Wedge Protection Group. Its aim is to educate and inform so that you are in a position to do your bit. To receive our irregular ‘Wedge Bulletins’ sign up here.

Latest News

Manningham persists with C117

We previously reported that the C117 Planning Panel properly supported the essential purposes of the green wedge in its treatment of the threat posed by Manningham Council’s amendment. The Panel rejected the problematic part of the amendment, namely the revised MSS,...

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Council Contemplates Panel Recommendations

The GWMP Community Panel delivered its recommendations to Council at the November meeting of Council, on 27/11.  The report containing the recommendations was presented by Panel members Yolanda Silveri and Wayne Kinrade. In receiving the recommendations the Council...

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C117 Panel Report Stuns!

The C117 Planning Panel’s report  has been released by the Manningham Council. It turns out to be a major win for community involvement and for the values of the green wedge in the face of the usual commercial pressures. It is also evidence that the system can work as...

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Community Panel Supports the Green Wedge

The Nillumbik Council has put a significant community focus on its refresh of its Green Wedge Management Plan (GWMP). Following an extensive series of informal and formal community meetings the culmination was the employment  of a ‘community panel’ in a process called...

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C117: Magical Mystery Tour

Planning Panels Victoria conducted its hearing on C117 over three days from October 10th. Warrandyte was there in force, with six submitters, including four associated with the WCA. The WCA was also represented by resident barrister and friend of the green wedge,...

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Community Panel attacked by councillor’s lobby group

The 43 Nillumbik residents selected to serve on the ‘Community Panel’ first got together  on the evening of August 9, tasked with addressing the  question:  “What is the best way for us to manage Nillumbik’s Green Wedge now and in the future?” In other words, to...

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