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The Green Wedge  is fundamental to our Shire’s identity. It is our responsibility to protect it for ourselves and future generations. This website is sponsored by the Warrandyte Community Association, the Friends of Nillumbik and the Green Wedge Protection Group. Its aim is to educate and inform so that you are in a position to do your bit. To receive our irregular ‘Wedge Bulletins’ sign up here.

Latest News

The Economy of Nillumbik

With the Corona virus first and foremost in our minds everything else seem less important, but that does not mean other things are not still important, and of course many of us now have more time to think about them. The Nillumbik Council has published a ‘Draft...

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An important election year in Nillumbik

Council elections are held every four years in Victoria, and 2020 is an election year. They are due in October, by which time we hope and expect the Covid-19 crisis will have passed. There’s a lot at stake this year in Nillumbik. 2016 saw the emergence of  lobby group...

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GWMP Adopted, no cigar..

Nillumbik’s first GWMP was adopted in 2010 and was intended to serve as a basis until 2025. For reasons never explained the current Nillumbik Council decided to prepare a replacement, which after a year-long project was formally adopted by Council at its November...

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Council v Nillumbik

Now that community comments on the draft Green Wedge Management Plan have been made and heard by Council we’re waiting to find out what the Council will decide to do with it. After such an extensive and public project to get us to this point, what has been achieved?...

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A Wynne for the Green Wedge

Remember Manningham’s C117? This was the Planning Scheme amendment proposed by the Council containing a revised clause 21.07, aiming to facilitate more tourist development in the Rural Conservation zone. Poorly drafted, inimical to the green wedge and facing solid...

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A plan that threatens our green wedge

After an extensive program of community consultation the Nillumbik Council has produced a draft replacement green wedge management plan (GWMP) for the Shire. Serious reservations have been expressed about this document, notably that it doesn’t actually reflect the...

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Whose PALS are they?

PALS, for Pro Active LandownerS, is a Facebook group which was ‘set up by a local landowner Karen Egan, which originated from the lack of representation of landowners within the council of Nillumbik’ These people are not shy in putting themselves forward. Recently a...

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Tourist Clusters in the Green Wedge?

Mebourne’s green wedges exist because far sighted politicians created the legal framework which protects them from inappropriate development. This framework is regularly amended in response to changing circumstances such as evolving bushfire safety requirements, new...

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